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North Country Council


A Plan for New Hampshire’s North Country

North Country Council is pleased to have adopted the region’s first truly comprehensive public-participation based plan. The overarching goal of the region is to increase the number of jobs that pay a livable wage and are consistent with sustainable stewardship of the region’s natural and scenic resources and recreation opportunities. Guiding principles include sustainability, resilience, and improved health. The strategies are organized around the following themes:

  • Build on our strengths to increase prosperity.
  • Reduce the cost of living in the North Country.
  • Take care of what we have.
  • Recognize the power of community.
  • Give young people the tools to succeed here.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel.
  • Increase the region’s resiliency.

Implementation has already begun in several areas.

The main body of the plan, A Plan for New Hampshire’s North Country - Regional Plan for the North Country Council Planning Region, includes a summary of the process, public engagement results, data analysis, vision, guiding principles, and strategies.

A complete copy of the Plan for New Hampshire’s North Country can be downloaded from the NCC website.

Additional plan components include:

  • Implementation Matrix
  • Housing Needs Assessment and Fair Housing Equity Assessment
  • Coordinated Public Transit and Human Service Transportation Plan
  • Water Infrastructure
  • Natural Resources
  • Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
  • Climate Change
  • Energy Efficiency and Green Building
  • Scenario Planning - Economic Impact of An Older Workforce in Health Care and Social Assistance and Manufacturing in the North Country Region of New Hampshire 

Public Hearing: November 19, 2014
Plan Adopted: November 19, 2014



A Plan for New Hampshire's North Country

Granite State Future Survey, NCC Oversample Report, Conducted by the UNH Survey Center - July 2013

Past Events

In 2012 we had great discussions around the region with residents to hear what kind of North Country we should be planning for in our work at the Council. We went to the Lancaster Fair, visited several area organizations, and held public meetings in Albany, Plymouth, Littleton,  Berlin, Haverhill and Colebrook.

Click on the public workshop location below to read a summary of the discussion:

Albany Town Hall - September 25, 2012
Plymouth Town Hall - October 16, 2012
Littleton Senior Center - October 25, 2012
Berlin City Hall - November 1, 2012
Haverhill Municipal Building - November 8, 2012
Colebrook Town Office - November 27, 2012

Contact us if you would be willing to host a discussion in your community or at a meeting of your organization. We want to hear from as many residents as possible!

For more information:

Phone: (603) 444-6303, ext. 26

North Country Council
The Rocks Estate
107 Glessner Road
Bethlehem, NH 03574












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